Review ~ Bodyguard by Jennifer Ashley @JennAllyson

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Review ~ Bodyguard by Jennifer Ashley @JennAllysonBodyguard by Jennifer Ashley
Narrator: Cris Dukehart
Length: 5 hrs 3 min
Series: Shifters Unbound #2.5
Published by Jennifer Ashley on November 18, 2011
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 226
5 Stars
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Elizabeth Chapman is saved from an armed robber by a giant Kodiak bear who shifts into a large, well-muscled, and fully naked human male. But when it's revealed that the robber is the brother of a dangerous criminal, Elizabeth finds herself the target of a vendetta.

Ronan, the Bear Shifter, takes her to Shiftertown for safety, where Elizabeth learns that the mateless Ronan, alone in the world, takes care of Shifters who have also been left on their own. Having grown up in foster care, Elizabeth can only admire how protective Ronan is.

But Ronan will only let Elizabeth leave the confines of Shiftertown if he becomes her 24/7 bodyguard. Elizabeth chafes at her restriction, but agrees. The trouble is, the sassy human Elizabeth is triggering Ronan's long-buried need to find himself a mate.

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I think bears are in my top five of favorite shifters. They are so gruff, strong and protective. Ronan doesn’t disappoint me. He’s exactly what I like in a bear shifter. He has taken in the young bears of the town and is raising them.

Elizabeth owns a store that is pretty popular with the Austin Shiftertown. Not many stores allow shifters inside. It is a great thing that Elizabeth does, otherwise she wouldn’t have had a bear in her store when a punk tries to rob her.

Unfortunately the little punk thief is the brother of a gang leader, who decides he is going to get Lizzy and Ronan for putting him in jail. Ronan is very protective, so he takes Lizzie and Mabel, Lizzy’s sister to Shiftertown to keep them safe.

Ronan’s place sounds so homey. He has all the bears that have nowhere to go living there. Even an absolutely adorable little polar bear.

Ronan and the others from Shiftertown work to try and make Lizzy safe at her store. Ronan does not want her alone. Eventually pieces all start falling together and Lizzy’s past finally catches up to her.

I loved Ronan. He has a huge heart while at the same time being incredibly protective. I don’t know who wouldn’t fall in love with a shifter like that. He’s amazing!

The ending had kind of a twist, where Lizzy’s past comes to grab her, and the reason she was robbed in the first place is revealed. Ronan takes on the battle for Lizzy, to free her from her monsters. They make such a cute couple and Ronan even accepting Mable to live with them in Shiftertown was great.

Bodyguard is a great novella, giving us good action, along with some great romance, in a short amount of time. I loved it and am so glad I didn’t skip this as I do a lot of novellas.

The Series

About Jennifer Ashley

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Jennifer Ashley has lived and traveled all over the world, and now lives in the Southwest. She writes historical, paranormal, and contemporary romance as Jennifer Ashley; mysteries as Ashley Gardner; and paranormal romance and urban fantasy as Allyson James.

Jennifer’s/Allyson’s/Ashley’s more than 83 novels and novellas have won RWA’s RITA award, the Golden Quill, RT Reviewer’s Choice awards, and the Prism award, among others. Jennifer’s novels have been also been translated into French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Norwegian, Hungarian, Italian, Thai, and other languages.

Jennifer enjoys writing and reading above all else, but her hobbies include cooking, hiking, playing flute and guitar, painting, and building miniature rooms and dollhouses.

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  • This is my favorite novella in the series. The Bears are adorable. I feel in love! I just bought all the novellas in book format. Ya, I have them in eBook, but I’ve wanted them in paperback and now I’ve got both. ^_^
    Great review. Great series.

    • Did each novella come as its own paperback or did you have to get them in an anthology? I would love to have this whole series on my shelf. I like to have some books in as many formats as possible. I think probably 80% of my physical book shelf are books that I also have on my kindle! I don’t tell hubby that because then he’ll be even more confused by all my book buying! LOL

      • My hubby is the same way. He doesn’t understand why I have to have some books in paperback and in eBook. He’s like no more paperbacks, but I still get them now and then ^_^. Yes, each novella is printed individual, not in an anthology. The only one not our in print yet is Bear Attraction. My books haven’t arrived yet, still waiting on the mail. ^_^

        Did you catch the post where Ms. Ashley tells us that she is going indie. “I’ll have one Shifter book out next year with Berkley (I’m working on it now), but after that, the Shifters (and Mackenzies et al) will all be published by me.” For her print books we can order them online, but they won’t be on the shelves anymore at bookstores.

        • I’m glad she’s not giving up the Shifters when she makes the move. I wonder if it will make it harder to get ARC’s and have them done in audio. I hope that it works out for her!

          • I hope the movie works for her too. I’ve been seeing a lot of authors go indie.

            This is what she said on Audios: “For AUDIO BOOKS: Nothing will change. All my books will be out in audio with the narrators you’ve come to know and love. They’ll be at Audible and iTunes–worldwide!” & then for eBooks “If you read me mostly in E-BOOK, nothing will change, except the full-length novel e-books will be slightly cheaper ($4.99 vs $7.99). The books will be available worldwide at all vendors.”

          • Oooo the ebooks will be cheaper that is awesome! I hope they still do the digital audio ARCS.

          • Ya when authors go indie I’ve noticed the ebooks are cheeper. It’s great especially if you are a fan of that author. Not sure on the audio, you’ll have to wait and see.

          • I wonder if it is harder to get ARC’s when the author is as popular as Jennifer Ashley. Do indie’s list their books on Netgalley. I can’t tell you how much I hate Edelweiss! LOL

          • I h8 Edelweiss too. It is not an easy site to work with an reviewing books. I prefer NetGalley. That site is easy. A few indie authors list on NetGalley, but I’ve had a few recently not do NetGalley, but do a review I want to say team but not a team you can ask to review but may not get approved and then they send the book via instafreebie or that other site book something or they directly send to your kindle. It varies by author on what they do for reviews.

  • Were bears are in my top favorite shifters as well. Still need to read this author!!!

    • Oh these are good. Between this series and Silver Silence, I think bears now top my list of favorite shifters!

  • I loved this book too. I think this is the first book where Olaf shows up (isn’t it??). I just love that little polar bear cub to pieces.

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Rabid Reads

    • Olaf is SO adorable. I do think this is the book he shows up in. So many bears living in Ronan’s house!

  • Eep..I have not tried this author, but this is another series on my backlist 🙂