Bookish Life Budget ~ March 2017 Update

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March was a big book buying month so this is going to be a big haul. Let’s look at the numbers.

Category Previous Balance Spent This Month Remaining Balance
Barnes & Noble $25.00 $0.00 $0.00
NOLA Story Con $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Buns & Roses (w/Bear) $75.00 $0.00 $75.00
Boas & Tiaras $50.00 $0.00 $50.00
Readers & Ritas $180.37 $0.00 $180.37
Audible $248.43 $24.84 $223.59
Books $807.00 $74.29 $732.71
Totals Starting Budget Amount Spent Remaining Budget
$1328.13 $99.13 $1229.00

March was a very bad book buying month for me. Book Outlet had a HUGE sale, and they actually had books I needed for my shelves in stock. I was a little disappointed as I spent the night before the sale going through every page of books loading up my cart so I could just check out. When I got up the next morning, my cart was empty. I had to do it all over again. That was probably a good thing because my cart ended up being about half the cost of what it originally was. Even with that, the haul is exceptionally large this month.

Into The Fire

On the blog this month:

In doing that haul, I found there was a book in there that I have no idea how it got on my kindle. Strange. It’s not even something I would normally read, way off genre. I’ll have to look at my emails and see if I somehow signed up for that book. It was a huge haul, that’s for sure. Now to just get caught up on everything. The amount of reviews I posted is pathetic compared to how many new books I’ve brought in, so I think some reading and reviewing needs to happen during April.

I’ve been distracted by NOLA Storycon a lot this month. My excitement at going, as it is my only big trip this year, is crazy. Annie (Booked and Loaded) and I will be going early so we can do some relaxed siteseeing and tours. We’re going to make a great mom’s vacation out of it. I don’t know how I’ll last until then!

My mind has been in a whirl with craft and hobby stuff. I’ve been thinking about opening a store on Etsy selling planning and organization materials. The problem is I keep buying materials, doing trial runs on products, but have yet to even begin the process of setting up a store. I think I’ll wait until I have good results with a few more test products, get some good pictures so I don’t have an empty store. I also have to come up with a name. You know, I just thought of something. March has been hard on my brain. WAY too much thinking going on. I’m starting off a new month in my planner and hopefully the two of us will organize our life to get everything into routine. When my mind is spinning in circles, nothing gets done, including reading and I’m really missing my books.

March was great weather-wise for us here. Not that I get outside much. However, we are getting into tornado season and we’ve had storms every few days this week. Freaks me out. We got warning of big hail in one of the storms and my husband thought he would take my car to the car wash and park in there until it passed, but I still ended up with a few dings. Always ticks me off. Somehow, my son’s car sat right here on the side of the road and didn’t get even one ding. Figures, I think the hail goes for newer cars.

How was your March? Did you get a lot of reading done? Start spring cleaning? Let me know what you were up to!