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This week I’m going to do the Rapid Fire Book Tag. I just watched Suzanne from Under the Covers share hers, so I’m going to grab it and do it myself. It may not seem “rapid fire” since I’ll be writing it, but I did write my answers down as I was watching Suzanne’s video, so my answers are pretty off the cuff.

Remember! If you decide to do accept the challenge and do the tag, let me know so I can check your’s out! I’d love to see it!

So here we go!

Rapid Fire Book Tag
  1. Ebook or Physical
    Ebook. I get a lot more read with the convenience of my Kindle than I do with a physical book. You have to have certain conditions, (like lighting) for reading physical, and you can get butter from your popcorn on the pages of a physical book.

  3. Paperback or Hardcover
    Hardcover. I love the way they look on my shelves. Any spine wrinkles are covered by a dust jacket. I can use the dust jacket as a bookmark. Not to say I’ll shun a paperback, I do love them, just prefer hardcover.

  5. Book shopping online or in a store
    Online. It’s all about instant gratification. I have a love/hate relationship with the One-Click button. I also do not have to get dressed, drive over there, wade through the throngs of people and search only to find they do not have my book in stock. Normally I end up driving home and ordering online anyway.

  7. Trilogy or Series
    Series. I love to spend as much time with my favorite characters as possible so I love having more story with them.

  9. Heros or Villians
    I find villians very frustrating so I’m going to say heros. Most of the authors I read do a really great job of making me really hate the villian of the story.

  11. A book I want everyone to read
    First Grave on the Right by Darynda Jones. I want everyone to experience the hilarity of Charley Davidson.

  13. Recommend an underrated book
    My Life As A White Trash ZombieMy Life As A White Trash Zombieby Diana Rowland. This series is hilarious and I haven’t heard of a lot of people who have read it. It is hilarious with some mystery and action. I love the combo! Especially in audiobook.

  15. Last book I finished
    White Tiger by Jennifer Ashley. I’m doing a series binge and just finished up White Tiger and have started on Guardian’s Mate. Then I’ll have to wait 🙁

  17. Last book bought
    Into The FireInto the Fire by Jeaniene Frost. I was full of excitement when Into the Fire was released and bought it right away. I’m kind of hoping that I won’t agree with the lukewarm reviews. I want to love this book. I really hope I do.

  19. Weirdest thing used as a bookmark
    I would have to say my chocolate bar wrapper. That would be the weirdest, but I have been known to use anything within arms reach. I am not a page bender, nor will I set my book open face down, so I have to use something!

  21. Used books, yes or no?
    Oh hell yes. My book shelf is made up of about 85% used books. I am collector so I normally won’t read that physical copy, but I am all for someone sharing the love of a good book. Almost like a library, just with a bit of a cost.

  23. Name my top 3 genres
    Paranormal Romance
    Urban Fantasy
    Romantic Suspense

  25. Borrow or buy
    Buy. I must own the book. I don’t want to feel responsible for anything that may happen to the book when in my possession. Plus, I need the copy for my shelves 🙂

  27. Characters or Plot
    This is a tough one. I have to have a good plot to get into the story, but I also have to love the characters. I’m going to say characters because you can take them from plot to plot.

  29. Long or short books
    Another tough one. I don’t want the book to be so short that I don’t get enough information to really get into the book, but I also don’t want it to be too long that I am dumped with huge amounts of information I did not need to know. I’m going to say long. At least that way I don’t miss anything.

  31. Long or short chapters
    Long. Gives me more of an excuse to draw out the time I have to do something. You know the saying “As soon as I finish this chapter”. That’s me!

  33. First 3 books you think of
    Silver Silence by Nalini Singh
    Guardian’s Mate by Jennifer Ashley
    Blade Bound by Chloe Neill

  35. Books that make you laugh or cry
    Laugh. I 100% prefer to laugh than I do to cry. There is enough going on in the world that makes me cry, I want to escape into a world that I am going to find some things to laugh about.

  37. Our world or fictional world
    I’m going to say our world. Most of the books I read are contemporary, based on our world, just with different circumstances. (Shifters, vampires etc.)

  39. Audiobooks, yes or no?
    Hell yes! I have come to love audiobooks, and I actually get more reading time in because of them. If it weren’t for audiobooks, I’d be failing my Goodreads challenge every year! 🙂

  41. Do you judge a book by it’s cover
    Yes. I may first consider the author, but then I look at the cover.

  43. Books to movie adaptation or books to tv adaptation
    Books to tv. I like being able to jump back into the story every week. The movie is just a couple of hours, probably with a lot of missing parts and then it’s done. On tv, more of the book can be included and possibly carried over into more than one episode.

  45. Name a movie or tv show you preferred to the book
    I can’t say that I’ve found one I prefer to the book.

  47. Series or standalone
    Series. Just like with a trilogy, I love taking the longer rides with my favorite characters through a multiple of challenges and storylines.

And that was the Rapid Fire Book Tag! It’s funny what your brain first jumps to when you are asked a question. Are you ready to try it? Drop me a note in the comments with your post or answers. I’d love to hear them.

Also, if you come across any fun book tags in the booktube or blogging worlds, let me know! I’m always on the lookout for some fun ones.