Blogiversary 2016 & Giveaway

Posted March 9, 2016 by Tanya in Discussions, Giveaway / 20 Comments


As Facebook so nicely reminded me, because I can’t keep track of dates, my first blog post was on March 5, 2012. That really seems so very long ago.

I feel like I’ve learned some things and made some great friends. There have been slumps, frustrations as well as social mistakes. I believe it was all in the learning process. Funny that it would take me four years to learn what I have.

There are still things I would like to achieve. My goals need to be firmed up and some time actually spent on them. It is hard when you see so many different things popping up on other blogs to be original. This year I would like to firm up my blog goals and actually work towards them no matter what I see on other sites. I will do what I can do make my efforts different without giving up too much of what I want to do.

Yesterday’s Tell Me Something Tuesday post was fitting, as we talked about other blogs we’ve followed the longest. Those blogs had a lot of impact on me and I want to thank them again for helping me stay on through the last four years.

I wanted to do something to celebrate my blogiversary, so how about we do a giveaway? It appears I have a hard cover copy of The King by J.R. Ward. Would you like to win that beauty? I am going to peruse my swag bag and see what other goodies I can find to put with it.

Good luck to all! I want to thank everyone for hanging in with me. I appreciate you all.