Must Have Mondays ~ September 14, 2015

Posted September 14, 2015 by Tanya in Must Have Mondays / 8 Comments


Rantings of a Reading Addict has decided to have some fun with Mondays. I’m going to share some of the things (not all book related) I’ve found that have had me wiping the drool off my chin. Now I’ve got these things scattered all over the place. Pinterest, Etsy, Amazon and pretty much anywhere else I can save a page or a picture. This list is long, so I’ll do five a week to keep the posts from growing out of control! I will link the products to the appropriate website if I have one, so click away. Just try not to make me jealous when you get it before me! 🙂

First off, I have to mention this book that I have been searching high and low for. It is out of print in hardcover. I have every other book in the series in hardcover. It is killing me that I can’t get this one without forking over $100 for a used copy. That’s $100 folks. Cheapest I could find at Amazon. I cannot allow myself to spend that much on a used book that I can’t look at before forking over the money. I scour the second hand stores in hopes that the people buying the books will not see just how much others are selling them for and I will get lucky. So here it is. A Fistful of Charms by Kim Harrison.


Next is this awesome lumbar pillow I found on Etsy. I love the size and of course, it’s book related, so yeah. I want it!


I like to buy t-shirts. Unfortunately I only get to wear them at home on the weekends. Doesn’t stop me from buying them though! This is a great bookish one that I think suits me perfectly!


I know I have lots of cool boxes on my bookshelves that hold my swag. This one though would be absolutely perfect! This one has been on my wishlist for a LONG time, but noone seems to pick it. Do you think they might be scared of the symbols?


My daughter took a biology class last semester and has been after me to get recyclable bags for groceries. I thought these would be perfect because how could I forget a Black Dagger Brotherhood bag anywhere?!


That was my wishlist for this week. Did you see anything you want to add to yours? Is there something you’ve been keeping your eye on for awhile? Maybe hinting around for someone to gift it to you?