Bookish Life Budget ~ July 2015 Check-In

Posted August 3, 2015 by Tanya in Book Haul, Budget / 2 Comments


This is where I keep track of what I have spent throughout the year on bookish items. These will include cons, books, memberships and the like. At the end of the year I will put all the month’s together and get an overall picture of my bookish life addiction.

Category Amount Spent this Month Remaining Balance
RT15 Final Payment $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
B&N Membership Renewal $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Readers & ‘Ritas 2015 Event Ticket $170.12 $0.00 $170.12
Audible Subscription $149.04 $24.84 $124.20
Books (Ebooks, paperbacks & hardcovers) $325.67 $0.00 $325.67
Total: $641.82 $24.84 $616.98

You know, I think after previous months I’ve had, this month I deserve some kind of reward. I can’t remember the last time I went a whole month without buying a book. It has been good, and instead of drooling over what is on my shelves, I’ve actually been reading from them. Was that just a slight drop in my TBR? Probably not enough to make a difference, but hey, I’ll take what I can get! I spent a lot of time at the hospital this past month and had a lot of reading time. Not so much on the audio. I’ve also made the big leap into having a physical book on the go at the same time as an ebook and audiobook. The physical is still pretty slow going, but I’m happy to say that I haven’t had the trouble of getting things mixed up like I thought I was going to.

Despite the tight wallet this month, I still added a few to my shelves. This is what I received this month:


[one_fourth] [/one_fourth]

[one_fourth] [/one_fourth]

[one_fourth_last] [/one_fourth_last]

For mid-year, I think I’ve done pretty well. I’ve used only half my budget. I’ll need to keep on this roll for awhile though if I want to come in under budget and save some money. This may be a close one though!

How was your month? Did you get any great books or get a chance to go to any cons or signings?