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Posted July 17, 2014 by Tanya in Life As A Blogger / 1 Comment


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Topic for July 17, 2014:  Tattoos

You would think, with the way my husband is covered, and my son on his way to the same, that I would have more than one tattoo. But let me tell you a little back story on that.

I wanted the Celtic knot for a Mother’s Love. I went to the tattoo parlor knowing which guy I wanted to do it. He made the lines quite a bit thicker than I was really anticipating, but I was fine with it. Until it got infected. I have it on my lower calf, just above my ankle, and the whole ankle and foot swelled out and got huge. I was freaking out. With all the tattoos my husband had, not once had he ever had this problem. Anyway, the infection pulled ink out and ran some others, so the tattoo is splotchy in some places and just ran in others. It’s not too bad if you look from farther back, but you can really tell when you look up close. I plan to have it fixed up by my husband’s artist, whenever DH stops using up all the tattoo funds on himself!

Here is mine:


I do want to get another one, but I want it over my left shoulder. I have to wrap my leg one to keep it hidden at work, so my next one is going to be somewhere that I can cover easily for work. It is going to be a memorial tattoo. I’m toying with the idea of two praying angels, a male and a female, facing each other, but I want them wearing my grandparent’s Scottish tartans. I am told that might be too much because there are some pretty thin lines in the two tartans I need, so that might be out. We’ll have to see I guess, if I ever find something I want. I also want a book tattoo. I’m not sure where I’m going to put that one. I’ve been looking for awhile, and I like a few different ideas. I don’t really want quotes, just books. I keep adding to my board on Pinterest.

Do you have a tattoo? Share your pic with me! I want to see! Also, if you know of some great book or memorial ones, send me the links or send me the pic on Pinterest!