Life Of A Blogger ~ Sports I Have Played

Posted July 10, 2014 by Tanya in Life As A Blogger / 2 Comments


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Topic for July 10, 2014:  Sports you have played

Honestly, I considered not doing this one. I have not played sports since my junior high years. I guess I will talk about those.

We lived in a very small town in Canada, where there wasn’t much to do. We had community sports team for the two main sports, hockey and softball. Everything else you had to go out of town to get involved. The exception to this was school sports. Being the small town that it was, there really weren’t much in the way of “tryouts” for things. You basically were on the team if you showed up to practice.

My favorite sport was basketball. I also remember playing volleyball, soccer and track and field. Basketball went fairly well because I was pretty tall. Our volleyball team did really good in competitions, but I don’t think I was a major contributor. Soccer and track, well let’s just say I definitely was not cracked up to be in those sports! I did fairly well in the high jump, but the darn coach kept insisting that I needed to run track. He was determined that I would do well. What he didn’t know was at the time I had started smoking and all that running in soccer and track was killing me! I’m not a runner anyway. I can’t seem to get a breathing rhythm and always end up hyperventilating and trying not to pass out.

Opportunities opened up when we moved onto high school because our school was out of town. I tried doing dance for awhile. It was fun until I realized I had no rhythm. Sort of makes the dances look funny. Plus the outfits kind of scared me. We had to take P.E. at least one year in high school, and I spent most of those classes either in the smoking area, or in the locker room with “cramps”. I may be from up north, but I do not do well with snow. Those darn coaches tried to put me in snow shoes, strap on a bow and go shoot targets in the woods. No freakin way. I know everyone wants to do archery since the Hunger Games, but archery and I do not get along. Probably would be the same with shooting since I have absolutely horrible aim, so I prefer to stay away from things like that.

So, I’m not an athlete at all. I will watch sports if they are in the background while I am reading, or I’m given tickets to something. I like to think of myself more as an armchair/reading athlete. I practice that one a lot!