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Posted July 24, 2014 by Tanya in Life As A Blogger / 7 Comments


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Topic for July 24, 2014:  Quirks

I had trouble with this one. I had to do a little research to find out what I did that might actually be a quirk. Like chewing my fingers. That could be a habit or a quirk, I guess.

I used to have a rule that I would drink coffee in the morning until lunch time, when I would switch to soda. Whatever soda I was obsessing with at the time. Then I just decided that it was too hot here in Texas to drink something hot and I switched to drinking energy drinks. Those energy drinks must be AMP Energy Sugar Free, and they must be drunk with a straw. I will drink them until I get home from work, at which time I switch to Arnold Palmers. I know, it is incredibly unhealthy that I am not getting any water. I start to freak if I run out of AMP’s. I have sometimes had to actually drink the AMP Originals, but all that sugar makes my stomach upset. Before I started drinking the Arnold Palmers, I went through a phase where it had to be half Passion Tea, half lemonade sweetened with raspberry syrup. The barista at Starbucks got me hooked on those, and I was buying the tea bags and syrup right from Starbucks to make my own. I had a huge ass container of raspberry syrup! Eventually I toned it down to regular sweet tea and lemonade so I could buy it premade at the grocery store from Lipton or Snapple. I also prefer all my drinks to have a straw. I find washing the ones that come in the tumblers a pain in the ass, and they wear out fast, but I have to have a straw. Another BIG downside to that is I am getting a wrinkle around my mouth resembling a smokers wrinkle, has to be the straws but the thought of drinking right from a can grosses me out.

Another quirk of mine is make-up makes me sweat. That includes moisturizer, although I am trying to see if it is the ingredients that do it so am trying out new ones. My face also itches when I have on foundation or that BB cream. Even the stuff made especially for sensitive skin. I tried wearing eyeliner, but it makes my eyes red. Sometimes I do wear mascara, but find it irritates my contacts. I wear the Day/Night contacts and try to avoid anything that may actually make me have to take them out. So, my face is naked unless it is absolutely unavoidable. That wrinkle coming on my lip is also not being treated because of how everything makes my skin feel.

Hearing people having a conversation, and they are talking over each other, whether it be in an argument or just excitement, makes me want to scream. I can’t stand it. I don’t even have to be involved, and it makes my head hurt.

I can’t stand the sound of a pencil on paper. I’m getting shivers just thinking about it. Also, the sound of styrofoam. Ugh, I have goosebumps now. We bought new bookshelves last weekend and the box was packed with the damn stuff. Can’t they use something fun like bubble wrap? I don’t mind the sound of that. That stuff that Amazon uses now is great, those air filled things. Love them.

I am going to add this last one as a quirk, because so many people around me have commented on it. I do not like beer or wine. I know a lot of people like to relax with those, but I just don’t enjoy them. Wine gives me a headache and beer just, I guess it’s an acquired taste that I never acquired a taste for. The hard stuff gets me tipsy pretty quick, so I don’t normally relax with them either. They are for going out. I guess I don’t really have a “relaxing” drink.

I hate going barefoot. I always have to have slippers or flip flops. Socks are ok, but I still prefer slippers in the cold months. In the really cold months, it’s both socks and slippers, and then I will wear the socks to bed. My feet get cold really easy. Isn’t wearing socks to bed just like wearing pajamas? I don’t understand why it bothers my husband when I do that.

I think that is it. Plus if I add too many more, I might sound a wee bit nuts. I can’t wait to read everyone elses!