Life Of A Blogger ~ Favorite Outings

Posted July 31, 2014 by Tanya in Life As A Blogger / 2 Comments


What is it: 

Life of a Blogger is a weekly feature hosted by Novel Heartbeat on Thursdays.  Each week has a new topic where we can all get to know each other on a more personal level.  Join in and let’s have some fun!

Topic for July 31, 2014:  Favorite Outings

Well, my first outing is completely obvious. My favorite outing in the whole world is a trip to the book store. But this is about our lives outside of books, so I will need to dig a little deeper.

In keeping with a topic from a couple of weeks ago, another favorite outing is to the tattoo shop. I love seeing what people are getting and what I could possibly get. Gets the creative juices flowing. Plus, our artist is an awesome guy and he’s really fun to chat with and bounce ideas off of.

I do like to go out to the movies periodically. It’s not often that I get out to one, despite the theater being really close to my house. I have this mental thing that if I go to the movies, I have to get the popcorn. Problem is, despite how much I love it, it does not love me and I am normally feeling awful by the time the movie is over. I really wanted to go see 22 Jump St, but I was scared my laughing would turn into snorts and I would royally embarrass my family, so we’ve decided that is one to watch at home.

I don’t go out a whole lot. My idea of a good time is a good read-a-thon where I have an excuse to spend as much time as I can with a book in my hand and snacks at my side. Tell me what your idea of a favorite outing would be!