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Topic for June 5, 2014:  Embarrassing Things

I know there have been many embarrassing things in my life, but I am only going to mention a couple of the events that were most traumatic to my life and to this day still cringe when I think of them.

In 8th grade, I was asked to read a few chapters out loud for the class from my science text book. You all know where this is headed don’t you? So I’m reading along, focusing so hard, because I hate speaking in public, when I come across the word “organisms”. All of sudden everyone gasped and started laughing. Now I was really embarrassed because I thought they were all laughing just to be mean. Then the teacher yelled “STOP”. So I looked up, totally oblivious to what was wrong. She assigned me to write 500 lines (popular punishment at the time). I asked what I was supposed to write, and she said the word “organisms”. I was still completely puzzled until one of my classmates yells out, “or should you write orgasms”. I almost died. I was so wrapped up and focused on reading the paragraphs, it didn’t even click with me that I said the wrong word. That is what I get for reading so many romances at that age!

My next embarrassing traumatic event happened years later. I was seriously underweight in my teens and early twenties, so when I was pregnant for my first child, I did not look pregnant at all. Even at 9 months. Hubby and I were out with another couple shopping at K-Mart, when suddenly I spring a pretty forceful leak. I wobbled through that whole store trying to find the bathrooms with a wonderful trail behind me. When I finally find the bathroom, they are the kind that are kept locked and you have to have an employee open them for you. By the time my husband finds the damn employee I’m standing in a puddle, looking like I peed myself. I had to explain that no, I did not pee myself, my water broke and I needed to get into that restroom right away. Then to top it off, my husband’s friend didn’t want me to get into his car, so I had to stand in the parking lot waiting for him to dig out rags from his trunk for me to sit on before he’d take me to the hospital. Needless to say, I took steps to make sure that did not happen with baby #2!

One time, when my kids were fairly young, (my daughter was in 2nd grade and my son was about 3) we were on a road trip. We had stopped at a gas station/restaurant for a break and there was one of those stupid claw machines inside. My husband is always up for the challenge those things bring, so he used all the change and dollar bills we had on us playing the game. He won the toy my son wanted, but he was not able to get the one my daughter wanted and we had run out of cash. Well, she went into full-blown temper tantrum in the store. Kicking, screaming on the floor, the whole bit. We had to physically pick her up and take her to the car, where she refused to get in. It was just our luck that there was a county sheriff in the parking lot. He watched us the whole time. We finally got her buckled in and to our surprise, the cop jumped into his car and followed us all the way out to the county line. I thought for sure he was going to pull us over for kidnapping!

So those are a few of my worst moments, leave me a comment and share yours, or link to your Life As A Blogger post!