Sunday Post Edition 30

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The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer. ~ It’s a chance to share news~ A post to recap the past week on your blog, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up on our blog for the week ahead.

It’s been two weeks! Where did the time go?! I’ve got much to talk about and I’m trying to do it one handed since I have these clingy animals on me that do not want to sleep anywhere but on TOP of me! Take this one for instance:


And that was before the cat settled itself on my chest.  Speaking of animals, they would be the reason why I did not get a Sunday Post done last week.  I volunteer for the Pug rescue in my area and we put on an event called Pugapalooza.  It was a great time at the park with a cookout, curliest tail contest, longest tongue contest, pug races and of course, fitting our Hawaiian theme, costumes!


So, me being a volunteer and all, had to actually get up before noon on a Saturday and hustle myself around the metroplex picking up supplies.  It was an awesome day for it, so warm.  I did foolishly forget the sunscreen so I did sport a burn afterwards.  But it was all good.  The weekend seemed to slip away fast though and I ended up taking my rest by sleeping most of Sunday.  I really like my sleep!  So, that is my excuse for no Sunday Post last week… I was asleep.  Pretty ashamed of that, I am.

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Also, I put up a little form looking for input into what blog designs are appealing to you all. Readers will probably come back and read again if they can see your post without needing sunglasses or something, and I’m planning some changes so I thought I would see what you all like. It’s only a couple of questions, well, maybe four, but you can find it here, please take a sec and give your thoughts.

Needing A Change ~ What style appeals to you?

I bet everyone is wondering when I was going to crack and go on a big book buying binge again. I’ve been doing so good and all but this week there was a wee crack in my wall and a few little goodies fell through. This was my physical book haul for the week.

Apr5bookhaul unwrappedking

I was so excited to see Burning Dawn in my mailbox and it is next up on the TBR, can’t wait! This haul is also a testament to my habit of buying physical books when I’ve already read them. But I was so excited to see this trade paperback of Bitten, I had to grab it. Then Kiss of Crimson and Destined For An Early Grave were screaming “BUY ME FOR YOUR SHELVES”, and I caved. You may have noticed all that pretty, red tissue paper behind my copy of The King.  That would be because it is from the virtual signing, and in my eyes, that is “For Shelf Decoration Only” material.  My reading copy has already downloaded to my kindle.  A girl’s gotta have a backup!  That pretty much sums up my haul.  Besides The King, I didn’t download any other books.

Things are still kind of crazy with work lately, so I’m kind of in and out a lot.  Things may be a bit sporadic as I haven’t gotten much scheduled ahead of time to prepare for all this upheaval.  I keep telling myself I will get caught up one of these days, and well, I just keep hoping it comes true soon!  Oh!  And to top off all the craziness, some how my cc# was stolen and now I have to go through every one of my Amazon pre-orders and change the payment method.  I don’t know how this keeps happening to me.  I called one of the places they tried to buy from and these freaks had all my info.  In my head I always thought that they were just stealing the number only and using it, I didn’t know they had my full name and address too!  Kind of freaked me out a little.  What was ironic is that the place was a home security type place with specialty locks, etc.  They were really on the ball, though so that helped.  They told me that these creepers tried to put through 5 different transactions, all basically the same amounts, the same shipping address, but all different cards.

Whew, it feels like I’ve lived a whole lifetime in the last two weeks.  Craziness.  Let’s everyone have a nice, relaxing week with lots of reading!  I know I need it!

  • aaaah one day I’ll try the Ward books! I keep hearing many great things about them. I even have the 5 first books in the series but haven’t read them yet. Happy reading!

    • Tanya Davis

      I’m addicted to the BDB. I need a reread though, so many storylines are working now, my addled brain can’t keep up between books!

  • 1. Pugapalooza–ehehehehehehe
    2. That SUCKS about your CC#. I’d be looking for heads to bang together.
    3. I totally get needing both physical copies and ebooks of certain series. I did it too. I think we all do 😉

    • Tanya Davis

      I’m pointing out your comment to family members who think I’m crazy for buying physical books when I have the ebooks. They are like crack! Those damn CC leaves are going to drive me insane. I’m trying to figure out how the hell they are getting my number. I went through a few months where it happened multiple times, but it’s been a good streak for a good six months now. I don’t use it online a whole lot anymore since I went ahead and got store cards for the places I normally shop. I’m beginning to suspect the evil food delivery places. Tells you how much we eat out! LOL

  • Pugapalooza sounds like such fun. Sorry ya got burned.I am loving your haul and understand how crazy life can get outside of the blog.

    • Tanya Davis

      Like meeting book people, I love meeting pug people too. Next time though, I’m not going to volunteer so I can bring my babies and socialize more. I think my Ernie could have won longest tongue! It is so long, when I gave him a piece of toast yesterday, when he was licking his lips he was smearing peanut butter all the up his face. It was hilarious.