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Topic for March 20, 2014:  Travel

I travelled much more in my younger years than I do now. Just before I started school, my family moved from east coast Canada to Calgary, Alberta, where trips to theme parks and to the Rocky Mountains were just a couple hours drive. When we moved back to New Brunswick in the mid 80’s (did I just age myself?!), we did not travel much except to the local parks. However, we were all excited when we would pack up and do a road trip to Bangor, Maine for the weekend when we could SHOP! Everyone loved those trips. In high school my family travelled to Florida and we did the theme parks and Daytona Beach. After my husband and I got married we travelled back out west to Alberta for a couple of months for work. We didn’t really have the money to do a lot of travelling for pleasure. Then my whole family packed up and moved to Texas. Talk about weather change! We have not really travelled out of state since, and that was 13 years ago now. When my son was in competitive gymnastics, we travelled all over the state to meets, and made some of the trips as little mini-vacations for us. Mostly to San Antonio and Houston.

So, I am not a big traveller. I hate to fly and I am not good on long drives. One of these days I’m going to try train travel. That might agree with me more I think. I think that being a homebody, I don’t really miss that I haven’t travelled much. I am pretty content with the worlds in my books. However, this year, I am leaving Texas! We are headed to New Orleans for RT! I’m going for the convention and my family is going to take on the city. I am not looking forward to the drive, but for this convention I will endure.

People do not need to look far for me, I tend to live vicariously through friends and books. Share your stories friends! Where is your favorite place to travel?