My Life As A Blogger ~ Favorite Animals

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What is it: 

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Topic for March 27, 2014:  Favorite Animal

I like to say I am just an animal lover, but if we narrow it down, my love is dogs. Not saying I don’t love my cat, because I truly do, but dogs have the biggest tug on my heart. If I narrow it down even farther, my greatest love is pugs. I do have chihuahuas as well, but my pug is my baby. I also foster for the local DFW Pug Rescue. I love them so much! With their scrunched in faces and their need just to be with you. Sitting next to you, following you to the bathroom, and I’ve even had my Ernie jump into both the shower and my relaxing bath with me. He’s a fool.

Harry Peanut
This is one of my Chihuahuas, Peanut, dressed up as Harry Potter for Halloween.

This is my pug Ernie last Christmas. He really knows how to pose for the camera.

Witch Daisy
This is my female Chihuahua Daisy. Her costume suits her. She is quite the cranky old lady.

This is my cat Tator. He’s a sweetie. He pretty much does as he pleases, and when he wants attention he will plant himself right on top of the old boobs and cuddle.

This is Ernie with our current foster, Kody. They are best buds, or at least they are for the camera!

So that is my house full of animals. I just can’t imagine not having dogs. They are so loyal and loving that I would miss them terribly if they weren’t around. Do you have pets? What is your favorite animal?