My Life As A Blogger: Camping

Posted March 6, 2014 by Tanya in Life As A Blogger / 3 Comments




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Topic for March 6, 2014:  Camping

Ok, I’m just going to lay it all out there and say no. Camping? No. Not me. No, thank you. I am NOT an outdoorsy person. I am afraid of just about everything out there in the wilderness, including all those little bugs and the diseases they may carry. I was reminded of this watching Identity Thief tonight. When they are laying on the ground and the snake slithers up his pant leg?! Hell no. This chick will not be laying on any open ground. I’m nervous enough about spiders finding their way into my bed, no way could I put myself down at their level.

Also, I don’t cook. I don’t know of any delivery service that delivers into the woods. I bet, there probably wouldn’t be any 4G coverage either. How did people live?! Why do people intentionally do that to themselves? I am content “camping” out in my livingroom. What about you? Is camping something you enjoy?