Mystery of the Missing Memes

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Some of you may be wondering, where the heck did Tanya go? No memes this week? No Monday Quote-tastic, no Top-Ten Tuesday? Well I have gotten a bit behind. I have had family in from out of town and they were hell bent on having a good time. I was left feeling old, and I was one of the younger ones. Embarrassing really. One late night and I sleep the whole next day and evening missing all Saturday night’s festivities.

But Friday night, the gang and I went to see the Texas Rangers play the Oakland A’s at Texas Stadium. We lost, but the last few innings were really exciting. Plus, the girl behind us slapping the guy behind her for being too loud was kind of comical.










Then Sunday night (because I was totally out of commission Saturday night), we all went to a pre-season Dallas Stars game. It was nice to get out of the heat and see what the Stars are going to look like this year.









Overall it was a really great weekend and I loved seeing my family.

On the last Feature and Follow that I participated in, we showed off our book shelves.  Well, I was a bit embarrassed so was inspired to re-organize and get some new shelves.  See my new setup and all the lovely blank space to fill with new books!  Also check out my little reading partner in the pic!  That would be Ernie, my pug! 😀












Since my last Sunday Post, I’ve added some books to my collection.  Two of the Liliana Hart books are free right now while the other is 99cents.  I will have to gather up this series, it looks really good, although the covers I have from Amazon look better than these ones from Goodreads.



















































I changed the widget I have for my follow options but am having trouble formatting it.  If anyone has a suggestion on how to make them space so they are spread out evenly on two lines, please drop me a note.

Have a great day everyone, and watch for me to get caught up!