15 Day Book Blogging Challenge Day 8

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Just click the image above and that will take you over to Good Books and Good Wine to check out links to participating blogs.
Today’s assignment:
Write 15 bullet points of things that appeal to  you on blogs:
  1. Design!  I love the pretty colors and graphics some blogs have.  They make me jealous but I still like to look at them.
  2. Favorites.  Sometimes some blogs have little gadgets on the columns with their favorite series or authors.  I like that because I get a feel of whether I am going to relate to the blogger.
  3. Book covers.  Love to see the covers of the books being blogged about.
  4. Personality.  I like blogs that aren’t too “stiff”  (did I just say that?!)  I want to get to know the blogger, warts and all. 
  5. Holy crap this is hard.
  6. Recaps.  I like the meme’s recapping the blogger’s week.  It gives me a chance to catch up.