15 Day Book Blogger Challenge Day 7

Posted July 14, 2013 by Tanya in Uncategorized / 0 Comments

Don’t forget, you can still take part, just click the image above and that will take you over to Good Books and Good Wine to link up.
Today’s topic:  Talk about your blogging quirks

I’m so new at blogging I don’t think I really have too many quirks.  I know for sure I’m not consistent.  That is a bad quirk.  I also think I over think my reviews.  I’m so scared I’m going to ruin someone’s experience by accidently including a spoiler that I take forever to write a review.
I like to include links to Amazon and Goodreads so my readers can add to their TBR piles.
I probably have more, but I am new, so I don’t think I’ve had enough time to really develop “quirks”.
How about you?  I think quirks make a blog special.