15 Day Book Blogger Challenge Day 2

Posted July 9, 2013 by Tanya in Uncategorized / 1 Comment

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Today’s challenge for the 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge is to describe your bedtime reading ritual.

I have had to change my bedtime reading ritual in the last year. Not only was I not getting enough sleep, I was feeding my sweet tooth too much. I had a stash of containers of all different kinds of snack foods in my bedside drawer. I would wait until hubby fell asleep (health nut that he is) then I would crack open whatever candy I was craving at the time and read until I couldn’t keep my eyes open a minute longer. Normally that was WAY past the time I should be asleep.

Now, reading in bed is a no-no. It has been moved to the recliner in the living room. No space to hide snacks either. The kids and I will watch Supernatural (I think we are on Season 4 now) and then I give myself an hour to read after that. If I can stay awake. Supernatural is killing me. It is an addiction (who can resist Jensen?) and reading time is definitely getting cut into.

I guess I shouldn’t just blame it all on Supernatural. It is really hard to read in a room with other people. They talk, then ask you questions like you were listening. Sorry, I was actually fighting a hord of demons in another land and didn’t quite catch what you were saying… They find it pretty exasperating.

This new, no fun, routine is a great explanation as to why I am not getting as much reading done as I used to.

What is your nightly reading routine like?