15 Day Book Blogger Challenge Day 10

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Today’s Challenge:
How do you choose what book you read next?
There is a long complicated process to choosing my next book. 
First I check my book clubs.  I have two, so I check the first meeting coming up.  If I haven’t read any of them, I will go to Amazon and check them out.  I look for cost and if they have Whispersync.  Helps me get them read faster.  If I have already read at least one for that group or if I am just not digging the options, I will check the books for the other group.  I go through the same process for that group.
Then I check my review pile.  Whichever is the closest (or furthest released passed release date if I still haven’t done it) comes first.  Sometimes, if the price is right, and I can get Whispersync, I will go ahead and buy the e-book, even if I was sent a review copy. 
Next step, if I’m good with all the above, is I will look to my faves that I have downloaded but have yet to read.  Especially those that are the next book in a series.  If I am all caught up in my series, I will choose my next series, and this is where it gets even trickier.  As is the predicament I am in right now, there are three series that I am going to be meeting the authors for at a convention in the fall.  I would really like to get those series read.  I just don’t know which one to start first.  I have downloaded the first books in both series, and now I think it is going to be a flip of the coin, or drawing a straw or putting the names in a hat or something.
I’m sure I make this much more complicated than necessary, but I am a slow reader and I have to pick wisely!  Am I crazy or is this the way others pick?