15 Day Book Blogger Challenge Day 1

Posted July 8, 2013 by Tanya in Uncategorized / 1 Comment

Found this fun book blogger challenge started by April over at Good Books, Good Wine just in time!  It’s starting today, but looks like we can jump in and link up anytime.  I think this is an excellent way to get to know my fellow book bloggers!

Today’s challenge, make 15 book related confessions.  I don’t know if I can think of 15, but I will give it a shot!

  1. I am a signed book junkie.  First books of series with face to face signatures are my biggest weakness, but if it is a book in a series I am collecting I will do the virtual signing.
  2. To go along with #1, I have this insane need to display my signed book collection with covers facing out.  I want everyone to see the amazing artwork put into those covers!
  3. I will buy a hardback or paperback if I think there will be a possibility of meeting the author. I keep a list in my purse of upcoming events and the authors attending so I can pick up their books anytime I come across a used book store.
  4. I hate to crack the spine on paperbacks.  I know it happens, and just makes the book look loved, but I want to be able to clearly read the titles on the bookshelf.
  5. I will buy the kindle version of a book even if I have the physical version.
  6. I am obsessed with Amazon’s Whispersync with the kindle and audible.  Even if I don’t get a chance to actually USE it for a particular book, I have to have it if it is available.
  7. I prefer not to read YA.  I have read three YA series.  Two I read only because I loved the author’s adult titles and wanted to support them, and one because the peer pressure to read Hunger Games was out of control.  I resisted Twilight though!  What paranormal romance / urban fantasy reader can say they have not read that series yet?!
  8. I hate love triangles.  They make me want to scream.  I feel like it takes over the story and the female not only loses my respect, but I end up feeling bad for someone.
  9. I refuse to sell/lend my Kindle 2 just in case I want to read outside.  I don’t want to risk a moment passing that I might get a chapter in.
  10. I don’t get to read on my kindle as much due to a family Supernatural marathon, so I get my reading done in the car in audio.
  11. I feel an overwhelming sense of obligation to finish a book once I start it.  I feel that the author put a lot of work into it, I need to appreciate it.
  12. Number 11 becomes a huge problem when the book is actually part of a series.  I then feel obligated to read the NEXT book, just to make sure the negative vibes from the book before were not just the author “warming up”
  13. Saying that, not counting how-to books, or non-fiction, I have only DNF’ed 1 book.
  14. For some reason, I avoid books that totally take the world by storm.  They must be good to get that much attention, and anything that gets people reading is great, but I don’t jump out to be part of the crowd.
  15. I HATE cliffhangers at the end of books when you have to wait a whole year before the next book comes out.  That is cruel and unreasonable.
Look at that, I did it!  I was able to list out 15 of my quirks.  I can’t wait to read about your’s so jump in on this challenge!  Click the image above to link up!