Review ~ A Rogue by Any Other Name by Sarah MacLean

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Goodreads Synopsis ~

What a scoundrel wants, a scoundrel gets…

A decade ago, the Marquess of Bourne was cast from society with nothing but his title. Now a partner in London’s most exclusive gaming hell, the cold, ruthless Bourne will do whatever it takes to regain his inheritance—including marrying perfect, proper Lady Penelope Marbury.

A broken engagement and years of disappointing courtships have left Penelope with little interest in a quiet, comfortable marriage, and a longing for something more. How lucky that her new husband has access to such unexplored pleasures.

Bourne may be a prince of London’s underworld, but he vows to keep Penelope untouched by its wickedness—a challenge indeed as the lady discovers her own desires, and her willingness to wager anything for them… even her heart.

My Review ~ 

A Rogue by Any Other Name is the first in The Rules of Scoundrels series by Sarah MacLean.  I’m still fairly new at the whole historical genre, and I’ve read a few where I kind of felt awkward.  Like historicals have a whole set of rules I haven’t really “clicked” with.  

Lady Penelope Marbury won me over in this book.  I liked how independent she was, and how ready to just live her life on her own if she couldn’t have a husband she loved.  Bourne’s life was so full of character!  After losing everything, Michael fights and works his way back to where he came from.  All he needs is his home back.  Penelope can give him that.  I was fascinated with Bourne, but he really had a thick head!  He fought his emotions for Penelope valiantly, but she was not going to stand for it.  Go Penelope!

The book showed glimpses of letters between Penelope and Michael as they were growing up, before Michael lost it all and changed.  Those were really sweet and helped see a younger, more carefree Michael.

Overall I really enjoyed this book, one of the best historicals this historical newbie has read.  The snippet from book two, which features Penelope’s sister Pippa, had me grinning and wanting to buy it right away!  This was one of the reads I did with Amazon’s Whispersync and the narration was done really well.  I am giving A Rogue by Any Other Name a solid 4 stars.